Who are we?

  • Ian Currer
  • Jocky Sanderson

Ian Currer

ian currer

Ian started flying hang gliders with his university club shortly before his 19th birthday. That was in 1975.

  • He started work as a trainee instructor in 1977 and qualified the following year.
  • He worked for three hang gliding schools before starting his own school in 1980.
  • He also worked for a hang gliding manufacturer, in production and as a development pilot.

Northern Hang Gliding grew to become a major training centre, and in 1988 added paragliding to its courses. Northern Paragliding went on to become one of the UK’s leading schools, and was one of the first schools to start training paramotor pilots in the 1990’s.

In ‘91 Ian wrote the first edition of Touching Cloudbase – The Complete Guide to Paragliding.
This book has now had 6 editions and has sold in excess of 45,000 copies worldwide.

Ian was previously a member of the BHPA’s flying and safety committee and, as coordinator of the training panel, was the principal architect of the BHPA’s student pilot training system, used by all BHPA schools.

In addition to being involved in the training of more than 10,000 students over the years, Ian has also worked with many instructors, many of whom have gone on to become chief flying instructors of their own schools.

In 2015 Ian retired from full-time instruction and joined the BHPA as part of the technical team. His roles include inspecting schools, training and examining instructors, accident investigation and liaising with the CAA.

In addition to paragliders and hang gliders, Ian also has many years of experience as a power pilot, flying weight-shift and 3-axis microlights. He has published “Complete Guide” books on Windsurfing and Kitesurfing.

Note: This e-learning resource is not a BHPA production but was produced independently during 2020 and 2021 whilst Ian was on furlough from the BHPA during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Jocky Sanderson

Jocky is one of the world’s most celebrated advanced instructors on Paraglider Safety and Cross Country Flying. Often known as the SIV Guru, he has been teaching paragliding for more than 25 years.

Jocky runs courses all over the world through his company Escape Adventures, providing beginner and advanced paragliding tuition and performance coaching in the UK and worldwide, and specialises in flying courses for people with disabilities, expedition flying, testing, and international flight safety (SIV) training.

Jocky is a meet director for a number of competitions and charity events including the Ozone Chabre Open, Lakes Charity Open, Lakes Charity Classic & North South Cup.

In 2014, Jocky started The Flight Park in Keswick, which specialises in paraglider services, repairs, tuning, & parachute repacks. Jocky also conducts tandem flying, tuition and performance training from The Flight Park, which also houses a 5 star kitchen bistro.

Flying career

Jocky started flying in 1987 and close and continued association with the establishment of the sport in the UK enabled him to become involved in the BHPA’s Paragliding Training Programme. These involvements also led to his nomination onto the Board of Executives in 1990. In the same year, Jocky became the only British test pilot to work for the European Testing Commission.

Jocky continued to flight test paragliders for manufacturers and the CEN standard, and as a result was part of the team that designed the European testing standard in 1994. Drawing on his experience in paraglider testing, Jocky started running flight safety (SIV) courses in 1991 and he continues to run them to this day. His training syllabus and techniques are used by instructors internationally and in 1997 he headed a working group to advise instructors on
how to teach safety courses.

Jocky was invited to join the BHPA Assessors panel as a Senior Assessor in 1996, assessing training instructors to instructor level, which he still does to this day. Jocky is a consultant for international investigations into paragliding accidents or training & development work. He is on the board of the Flight Safety Committee for the BHPA and is a representative on the European CE standard for paraglider testing.

Competition flying

Jocky began competing in paragliding in the spring of 1989 and was a member of the British Team in the late summer of 1989 Paragliding World Championships. In 1990 he became Captain of the British Team and was ranked 21st in the world and 3rd in Great Britain.

In 1991/92 he withdrew from full time competing to concentrate on his outdoor centre and testing commitments, but returned to the international circuit in 1993 when he managed the British Team in the 1993 World Paragliding Championships, in which they won the bronze medal.

In 1994, he focused on competing and was ranked 12th in the world and 7th in Great Britain. In 1995 he ranked 3rd in the World Championships and the British Team won the Silver medal. In 1996 he won Silver in the Pre-World Air Games and he captained the British Team to 1st place. In 1997 he was ranked 10th in the World and the British team took the Silver medal. In the 1997 World Air games, he captained the team to the bronze medal.

Between 1995 and 1998, Jocky was the Meet Director for the British Nationals – in 1995, he was placed 4th; in 1996 7th; and in 1997 finished 4th in their ranking. Because of his competition experience and reputation, Jocky has been voted to be the pilot representative at many world competition events, helping set tasks and protecting pilot interests.

Paragliding films

Jocky has made four award-winning paragliding films: Security in Flight II (2012), Performance Flying (2006), Speed to Fly (2000) and Security in Flight I (1997). The films are viewed by pilots around the world and are considered essential viewing for pilots wishing to improve their flying safety, thermalling and cross-country skills.

His latest film, released in 2012, Security in Flight II is 170 minutes long and is used as a training aid throughout the paragliding world for schools and pilots. Jocky’s films have a viewership of over 50,000 pilots across the world. Security in Flight 2 and Performance Flying are both included in this e-learning resource.

Other achievements

In 2002 Jocky became a full member of the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team and also qualified as “First Responder” for the Cumbria Ambulance service. He is now an instructor for the “British Heart Foundation” teaching the “heart start” program and is the Chairman of the Keswick First Responders.

Jocky has also attended 2 specialist courses in “Rigging for rescue” and has qualified as a “Swift water rescue technician” and “industrial rope access operator” as well as a “defensive driver” for the rescue team. In 2003 he attained the mountain rescue “casualty care” certificate. Jocky is also a qualified RYA coastal skipper and safety boat operator.

In 2006, 09 & 12, Jocky was re-assessed and passed his casualty care certificate with the Keswick mountain rescue team. He also qualified as an Emergency Medical Technician, with the BASP in 2010. In 2006 & 11 he re-qualified as an advanced Swift Water Rescue Technician and continued to become an SWR instructor in 2015.

In 2012 Jocky was awarded two Queen’s medals for over ten years of service to the community working as a KMRT member and First Responder. Jocky was also recently featured on the BBC series BRITAIN FROM ABOVE with Andrew Marr.